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5 Questions a Video Production Company Will Ask You

If you are interested in hiring professional videographers to capture an upcoming event or for a business video, there are several steps that must occur before the production begins. It starts by finding a company you are comfortable with, but once you have narrowed down your search by asking questions about their process, timing, execution and pricing, you should expect the videographers to have a few questions for you, regarding the project. Being prepared for these questions will help the process flow smoothly. Here are the top 5 questions a video production company will ask you prior to beginning the project:


1) What is the Purpose of The Video?

Ultimately the videographers will want to have a deeper understanding of your project. This is why one of the main questions a video production company will ask is about the purpose of the video. Discussing your goals and expectations will help them discover which solution is best for you. Videographers need to know many of the details of the event or purpose of the video so that they can make the best decisions regarding design, frame rates, and call to action.


2) Who Will the Audience Be?

Professional videographers will be interested in your target audience. So, one of the questions they will ask is about this topic. It is vital for your project to determine who the video will need to reach. If you are looking to reach external businesses, or you want to share this video with potential investors or perhaps it is for personal use. No matter which is your audience, it is best to discuss this with your videographers to ensure the right approach.


3) What Emotion Do You Want Your Target Audience to Feel?

The emotions of feeling you want to bring out with this video is a key aspect of video production. It relates to the message you want to send. So, it would help if you thought about what feelings that you are looking to inspire your audience to perform and the actions those emotions are intended to solicit.


4) Will There Be a Call to Action Incorporated?

Videos are powerful visual cues with some of the most impressive promotional results. An important question a video production company will ask you is what your call to action is. Maybe you want them to subscribe to a service or mailing list, or perhaps you want them to click through your site. No matter what your goal is, it is essential to think about your content and call to action.


5) What Are Your Budget Limitations?

Budget should have already been discussed during the initial sit-down with a videographer, however it is very common to be asked if there is a contingency budget when filming a corporate or business video. As it is common for adjustments or even the direction to change midway through the project.


Hiring a video production company is an excellent choice for capturing an event or business video. It can help you reach new audiences while sending your message to the world. We encourage you to think about your project and expectations before an initial consultation. In this way, you’ll be able to share all relevant information required for video production. Both you and the videographers will have to ask questions to put the basis of good collaboration practices.