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5 Videography Tips for Beginners

The art of capturing moments into an aesthetic video is a skill that can only be developed and constantly supported by the existence of raw, creative talent. As a videographer, it is your job to translate what your eyes see through the camera lens and make others see the beauty in it too! Mastering this skill is not something that can happen in a day, but you have to start somewhere, after all, practice is what brings about perfection. To aid your practice, here are five videography tips to get you started as a beginner.

1. Use a tripod 

The essence of a tripod is to help you maintain balance and stability. You need a certain amount of steadiness to produce the right quality in your videos. A tripod provides you with the necessary ground stability that you need for easy rotation and panning for certain shots. Keep in mind that you are just starting out and you definitely don’t want to look back in a few years and shake your head at your first few attempts in total dismay.

2. Don’t think like a photographer

A lot of beginners blur the lines between photography and videography. It is important to shut off (or at least, mute) the photographer in you so that you can focus on the things that matter for videography. For instance, where, as a photographer, you would be looking out for aesthetic effects solely, as a videographer you need to make sure aesthetics don’t affect mobility and audio.

3. Think about the editing

When shooting a video, you may be easily carried away but, always remember the editing process that will follow. If the content you are shooting is going to be an unnecessary headache, you might want to cut out some stuff. Also, make sure that while shooting, you take note of things that you would work on during the editing process. 

4. Simpler backgrounds, better sights

Funny how it may sound, but it is really true. As opposed to photography where you can manipulate the backgrounds, as a beginner it is not advisable to explore editing the backgrounds. Instead, avoid shooting videos with very busy-looking backgrounds and opt for simpler ones to help the actual focus be dominant.

5. Listen

Above all else, the most important habit to cultivate as a videographer is the sound! During your test runs, make sure that the audio is great. It would be a huge disappointment to complete a shoot and realize that the audio has glitches!

While you may need extensive learning to get to your desired level of expertise, take these tips as supporting wheels on your journey to mastery. 

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