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5 Simple Tips to Shoot a Professional-Quality Video

Videography is an incredible art that has the ability to take the viewer on a journey that transcends time, space and imagination. Perfecting this art requires a lot of skill, fierce determination, and diligent practice —basically, years’ worth of experience!

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t deter you or set you in a creative slump as you start out in your journey as a videographer. Professional-quality videos are such a beautiful delight to watch but the amount of work that goes into creating that perfection is surreal.  

As a beginner, there are certain techniques that you can adopt and practice repeatedly to help you create stunning professional-quality videos. If you are a beginner videographer looking to create the best version of your art with creativity and professional quality, Read on to learn five simples tips that will help you shoot professional-standard videos! 

Get the Right Equipment 

Get tripods, microphones and the necessary lighting equipment, check for their functionality and look out for any errors. The right equipment helps you bring your ideas to life in a professional manner. 

Avoid zooming 

Believe it or not, the urge to show off skills is more common among the beginner range of videographers than you would expect. Avoid zooming in and out too often, not only may it change your camera’s focus, but it can also be unappealing to the viewer.

Think about the editing 

While shooting is fun and you might make spontaneous adjustments, the editing process sheds light on all your decisions. Therefore be conscious of how the video will turn out after the editing. One thing professional-quality videos have in common is the fact that they never look chopped up, a problem you may face if you don’t think about the editing while shooting. 

Use natural lights 

Lighting equipment is great and helpful with videography but when you are starting out, it is helpful to work with more natural lights. Shoot daytime scenes when it’s bright outside and nighttime scenes when it isn’t. This reduces the need for too much lighting and as such, you get a more natural aesthetic in your video to bring out the perfect professional quality. 

Note the Background 

Go for softer backgrounds that allow you to guide the viewer’s attention to the main focus on the video. A background that doesn’t come off as obnoxious is a sure way of making your video look rightly of professional quality.  

Having a passion for videography is one side of a coin, honing the skills to be good at videography is the other. These tips will help you balance the passion you evidently have, with the skills you need!

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