How Do You Record Good Videos? -
How Do You Record Good Videos?

One of the biggest myths in content creating is that capturing great videos takes a lot of time and effort, and if you are not skilled with the right techniques behind recording excellent videos like professional videographers are, your efforts will be not. This simply is not the case. With above-average equipment, some basic know-how, and the confidence to take a creative approach to capture videos, anyone can record a great quality video.  

So, this leads to the question; what do you need and how do you film a good video? 

We answer this below:

You Don’t Need a Professional Camera, but You do Need a Good Quality One

Regardless of how skilled or experienced you are, you cannot record good videos if you don’t have the right camera. You don’t need to go out and invest in a high-quality camera, especially if you are not using it very often. A good quality smartphone camera can do the trick. Just remember, if you are using the camera on your smartphone, you should use the rear camera (the camera at the back of the phone). The back camera usually has some pretty decent features, high resolution, and additional features that can make your recordings great.

Steady the Camera

Good videos are steady, this is probably the most important tip you should know. You must make sure that your video is not bouncing all over the place or that you are not making any sudden movements. To do this, consider getting a tripod that can reduce camera motion. If you are not using a tripod, you should rest the camera against a sturdy object such as a wall, the ground, or anything that can prevent you from shaking while filming. 

Film in Landscape Mode

Another important tip for recording quality videos is filming in landscape mode. Professional videographers rarely use portrait mode when recording, as this reduces the quality and frame size of the video. If you are watching your videos on a tablet, laptop, or TV (chances are you will) a recording was taken in portrait orientation will not fit well.

Filming in landscape mode also allows you to capture more in a single frame. So, you don’t have to move side to side to capture a wider field of view, which will reduce any potential movement.

Get Your Lighting Right

Although you can lighten dark videos with photo-editing apps, the quality of the video will likely not be as great if it is dark. You should prepare the lighting for the video before you start filming. This may be in the form of artificial lights brought in to brighten up the environment, or planning to shoot during the time of day that will provide enough light and reduce shadows.

In view of this, you should ensure the proper illumination of your subject. 

Pay Attention to The Background 

The background of your video goes a long way in determining the quality of your video. A messy or distracting background can do your video a disservice. So, be intentional about choosing the right background for your video. There is no one-size-fits-all background for filming videos. The best background depends on the kind of video you are recording.

Edit Your Video

Professionals take time editing their videos, cutting and clipping parts together, so why shouldn’t you? Download a video editing program to help you edit your videos. iMovie, Camtasia, Wave Video, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro are all good examples of video editing software. When choosing a program, focus on its major features that you feel will benefit you. Look for a program that is fairly simple to use, you should also try and keep the editing simple so that it doesn’t look over-edited.

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