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How Do You Make Your Videos Look More Professional?

A common myth in videography is the idea that it takes expensive, sophisticated equipment to create beautiful videos. While having this type of equipment can help professional videographers produce great content, you don’t need sophisticated camera equipment to create great content yourself. You only need the right knowledge and some skill to achieve premium quality. Even as a beginner with limited equipment, you can still create videos that look great and speak for themselves.

To help get you started, we asked our videographers to share some of their top tips for making your videos look professional.

1. Proper Lighting

Too little or too much light can cast shadows or harsh light on the subject of your video, which will not cause your work to lose some of its appeal. Natural lighting is preferable when shooting outdoors, while artificial lighting is best for indoor shoots. Additional lighting placed at the wrong angles could give off a different vibe or setting than you had planned to show. Test the lighting to ensure that there are no unnecessary shadows or excess light before you start recording.

2. Background Details 

A distorted or disruptive background can ruin the effort put into shooting your video. Make sure that the background design is not too busy. You can utilize or incorporate plain colours you’re your background to ensure it doesn’t take over the main scene. When selecting a background layout, check if it properly balances the lighting, and don’t forget to take a few shots. Your subject should be able to stand out as the focal point of any shot, regardless of the background.

3. Simple Editing

When editing your videos, use software that is not too complex but will give you amazing results. Don’t try to use too many effects or dramatization if the concept doesn’t call for it. A neat, simple edit is usually all you need for your work to look more professional.

4. Clear audio 

Another thing that can make or break your video, is the audio. If you are using any external microphones, test them for echoes and voice detection. Record several audio tests prior to beginning your shoot. This way it ensures the footage you captured is 100% usable as the audio is clear and in sync with the images.

5. Steady Footage

Above everything else, any equipment you use to shoot the video must be steady throughout. If you are using a complete tripod and grip stand with a camera, make sure they are properly set up before you start shooting. If you are using your phone, remember to hold steady while recording to avoid glitches in the finished work, unless of course, you are filming a horror movie in the woods.

You don’t have to break the bank on expensive equipment to give your videos that professional touch. Use the above tips, optimize your creative ideas, and be sure to believe in your work – it truly does show. Keep learning and in no time, you will master the art!

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