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How To Put Together The Perfect Promotional Event

These days, promoting your business or product with experiential marketing is a must. Since the rise of social media, customers just can’t wait to be a part of a live event. Tons of companies have seen the benefits out of organizing promotional events, but there are also those who haven’t.

Nothing is sadder than a nicely planned gathering, with cool music and disco balls that has no guests. To avoid heartbreaks and honestly, even tears, you must carefully put together your promotional event.

After consulting with a few experts, here is what we found out:

Set The Goal

Before you start calling numbers and brainstorming for ideas on the theme, you must ask yourself a couple of questions. First, why are you organizing the event in the first place? Second, what results do you want to achieve? Third, who are you going to invite? And fourth and final, what is your budget?

Clarifying the main goal before the actual planning starts will always guide you in the right direction. If and when you get lost during the organization, you just have to think of the goal and the result you want to achieve, and the answers will come running to you on their own.

Themes & Target Groups

The reason for your event should drive its theme, but you should also consider your guests. The theme should be easy to remember and send a clear message across. Printing custom T-shirts and making eye-catching invitations will help you a lot in clarifying your theme, but you must try a bit harder.

Invite guest speakers, invest in VR sets, show promotional videos, let the event staff engage with visitors, and add interesting games and entertaining booths.

Also, the theme should be tailored for your guests who by the way are your target group. Don’t miss on any opportunities to stand out from your competitors. Make your message the loudest and the clearest.

Social Media

Usually, the empty events are those that didn’t get enough coverage and advertisement on social media. People won’t know about your special event if you don’t tell them. Investing in Instagram adds or just posting an interesting story with adding the right hashtags is only one of the ways to promote.

Experiential marketing is all about the experience, but first, you need to persuade people to come. Carefully plan what kind of advertisements you want to show. Themed videos, cool pics, and announcing free-of-charge promotional products might help seal a deal.

Sponsorship & Event Coverage

The sponsors you choose matter! The blogs you write influence conversions! The event coverage will engage potential customers! SEO matters! Influencers can expand your business! Remember these sentences while you are planning your event!

Getting together with another company and offering to promote their products in exchange for sponsorship has proved valuable for many events. This way you increase visibility since they will also be promoting the event.

To promote it even further, get in contact with popular bloggers, Instagram influencers, Youtubers, newspapers, and photographers. You can even start giveaway contests on social media. For example, the person who takes the best photo while using the hashtag of your event gets gifts, vouchers, or special VIP treatment.

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