Essential Tips to Making How-To Videos -
Essential Tips to Making How-To Videos

These days, every type of business has a blog. With using SEO tactics, and carefully written content, marketing agencies are luring new customers on a daily basis. However, not every message should be delivered with words. In fact, statistic shows how video content is much more engaging than a written one.

Imagine writing an entire article on how to knit or how to fix a leaking faucet. It would take quite a while to properly deliver the message across. Plus, nobody would ever read such an article while they have access to tons of how-to videos that are much easier to understand.

Recent statistics prove this point even further:

  • 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video.
  • 92% of buyers state that their decisions are mostly affected by visuals.
  • Video content has 1200% more shares on social media than text and image combined.
  • The revenue of companies that use videos is 49% faster than the growth of those who don’t.
  • 7 out of 10 Millennials will watch a company’s video while shopping online.

What Industries Would Benefit The Most?

There are many types of videos you could choose, but the ones that show the most appreciation to viewers and consumers are how-to. They usually explain in detail a process or action that is difficult to understand through writing or speech. The consumers respect the free-of-charge information that the company provides them with, and they usually show this appreciation by further engagement.

The industries who would benefit the most out of how-to’s and who must create a video-marketing strategy are:

  • Contracting firms that provide services like basement waterproofing or window replacement.
  • Real estate agencies can strengthen bonds by giving tips on selling and renovating.
  • Educational institutions or organizations that can relief important decision-making like why you should enroll in college, etc.

Obviously, your business should consider marketing videography as soon as possible. But, making a video isn’t enough. Your content must represent your business’s soul. It must be fun, informative, and engaging. Here are the 5 essential tips you should know before making how-to videos:

Plan Everything Ahead

As with almost everything in life, video content must be planned ahead. Just taking a camera in your hand and shooting freestyle isn’t going to cut it. Consumers should enjoy the content you provide. Shaky cameras, harsh sounds of winds in the background, and a poorly planned script should be avoided at all cost. Not every publicity is good publicity!

Proper organization is the key to creating a valuable video. First, you must decide on what to show on your how-to. Think of the title first. For example, if you are a window contractor, these titles would be appropriate: “How to plan your window replacement”, “How to choose a window for your home”.

Always have in mind your target audience and the message you want to send across. Script-writing is an essential part of videography, but there will be more info on that below.

Carefully Choose The Background

After figuring out what you want to show to potential clients, find proper filming locations. Consider whether you want to mix animations with real-life shots. Do you want to shoot the actual process, hire somebody to animate it, or will somebody stand in front of a camera and explain it on a school board.

Whatever you choose, carefully choose your props and backgrounds. Remember that the best locations and are those that have a depth of field. To create this, consult with color psychology, elements of design, and cinema. The background is also a great chance to present your firm’s identity. Putting wall art, prizes, or some unique features that your company provides will increase the video’s appeal.

Combine Audio And Visuals

Uninteresting backgrounds and locations reduce chances for conversions and further engagement. You wouldn’t want a customer staring at a monochromatic wall while you talk for hours about a complicated process only certain experts understand. You must show the consumers what you are talking about!

After all, video-marketing is about combining visual and audio information.

Mixing it up always works for videos. Don’t be afraid to combine animations, real-life shots, voiceovers, catchy tunes, fast-forwards, etc. However, remember to balance. Consistency, visual appeal and clarity determine the quality of how-to videos. The sweet spot is between making it fun and providing useful information. Check out some popular how-to videos to get inspired.

Use Proper Equipment

We mentioned before how you need to avoid shaky cameras and unwanted sounds during shooting. Consumers will be immediately turned away once they see an amateurishly made video. Nobody would want to watch a how-to video with poor sound. That is why you should avoid using your phone’s camera for recording speech or dialogue.

If you decide to create the video on your own, you must be willing to invest in microphones, lights, backdrops, and tripods. You want clear sounds, beautiful visuals, no lens flare or shakiness, adequate lighting, and no harsh wave/wind sounds in the background.

Luckily, there are tons of options these days. You can even rent out the needed equipment for a certain period of time. You might have to watch a couple of how-to videos yourself, but it will be worth the while when you finish the project.

Be a Fun Teacher

Sometimes experts can get carried away with the subject. In these scenarios, the viewers might get confused and you will achieve an opposite, unwanted effect – losing a potential client. We discussed how scriptwriting is an important part of creating an engaging video.

Writing down words or ideas before shooting is the smartest thing you could do. To find out whether your script is too complicated, try to explain it to someone close to you that don’t know anything about the subject. Ask them honestly about whether the content is understandable.

How-to videos are like short classes. And the best teachers are those that are both interesting and easy to understand. Look at your script from a client’s perspective. Would you be interested and watch it through or turned away right at the beginning. Remember, you are competing with the entire world! Everybody is making how-to videos, so make sure yours stands out!

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