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How to Shoot Video Like a Professional Videographer

How to Shoot Video Like a Professional Videographer

Shooting high quality videos doesn’t depend on the quality of your camera. There are many intangibles such as content, lighting, and audio quality in perceiving a video as high quality. In addition, there are also tools and inexpensive techniques that can help you pull of a video like a professional videographer. 

Here is how to shoot video like a professional videographer: 

1. Don’t overuse zoom  

Did you know the overuse of zoom is a common problem? Using too much zoom can result in a video that looks amateurish and make people dizzy. You should take it slow and steady if you need to zoom in and out. You should also use optical zoom instead of digital zoom because it’ll give you higher video quality when you review your recordings.

2. Frame your shots well 

You should frame your shots well by filling the frame with your subject. You shouldn’t be afraid to place your subject slightly off-center too. 

3. Use widescreen shots 

You should practice widescreen shots to be able to rely on using widescreen shots. You’ll tend to use widescreen shots to get a sweeping shot of the setting to establish location before getting a little more specific. 

4. Shoot from different vantage points 

You need to shoot from different vantage points because it’s a lot more interested when you have a mix of shots. You should also be using the most effective shooting angle at that vantage point by climbing up high to survey a scene or kneeling down to get on the same level as your subject. 

5. Avoid backlighting 

It’s important to avoid backlighting because they result in comfortably bright light haloing a dark figure. You should position lights for the look you want because it makes all the difference in getting a natural effect.

6. Don’t overuse special effects

You shouldn’t overuse special effects when you’re filming important scenes. You should record your video in full color and test out special effects later, so you’ll be able to preserve the original videos while you experiment with special effects. 

7. Use a tripod 

Tripods are portable and affordable. You should invest in a tripod in order to produce steady video. However, you shouldn’t depend on shooting your video with a tripod. 

8. Keep plenty of memory cards

It’s possible that you can run out of recording space in the middle of filming. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you keep plenty of memory cards. 

9. Have a spare battery 

A spare battery is just as important as keeping plenty of memory cards. You should check for batteries that offer longer recording time than the manufacturer’s battery.

10. Back up your video 

You can use memory cards to store your footage, but things can happen and you’ll be out of luck. It’s important to back up your video to an external hard drive in addition to your memory cards.

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