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Importance of Video Production

What is the importance of video production? Videos are becoming the biggest source of consumption of media across all platforms. In recent years, videos are becoming more and more important in many different fields, including education, marketing, news, and many more. People are consuming videos more than anything else, no matter the media platform they are using.

Videos are available on all social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Even though these platforms weren’t specifically made to showcase videos, like YouTube, they still have huge amounts of people creating and consuming video content. YouTube is the largest of any, naturally, because it’s only for videos. Below we’ve explored some online video statistics and discussed the different ways videos are used.

Did You Know?

1. YouTube has over 1 billion users, which is more than a third of total internet users worldwide.
2. More than 500 million hours of content is watched on YouTube everyday.
3. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter.
4. There are more than 800 million active monthly users on Instagram.

What do these statistics tell us? Not only are people continuing to consume more and more videos with every coming month, more and more are creating videos as well. There are many different categories of videos, but the main ones are promotional videos, instructional and educational videos, and recreational and fun videos.

Types of Video Production

Educational Videos

Educational Videos are made to explore a topic or raise awareness to certain ideas. Governments and charities can make videos to bring to light certain events or people and how they’ve impacted the world. Disease and cancer awareness videos are a good example of how some non-profit organizations can get the word out on social media. Educational videos also include How to Videos of something that you might Google or clips in an article that help to show the process.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos are becoming popular because of the good amount of information you can get across in a very little amount of time, and have it look good as well. Companies use short videos to advertise their products like shawarma or ATVs for sale and services like a banquet hall on social media, but also connect with content creators and sponsor them so that they advertise in their own videos.

This is becoming a very common method where well known influencers will be paid to use a certain product or service in the videos they make to show that product off and get more people to buy it. Sometimes, companies will even give a discount code to use for viewers of that YouTube channel or Instagram personality, which is not only good for the customers, but all that data can be tracked and you can even see how many people are coming from specific links. This helps companies find out what is working for them and what isn’t.

Fun/Recreational Videos

Fun/Recreational Videos are by far the most common. These types of videos include everything from music videos to animations to short comedy clips. These kinds of videos can be especially useful to bring in a new demographic of people to your company. Making short but creative videos is shown to get shared more often than long boring monologues, so find the balance between getting the information you want in the video and having a video that nobody wants to watch.

These are just some of the video types, and how they can be used to gain traction for different industries. They are on the rise as a media tool, and will continue to be, so if you want other be on the right side of innovation, next time you’re thinking about advertising, think about a good video and the wonders it can do for you.

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