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Whether it is a plumber or a video production company, seeing how someone speaks about their firm’s accomplishments, offers, past mistakes, and future goals is a key factor on deciding whether you hire them or not. Here are the basic questions you should be asking while interviewing a videographer/video production company:

Company Details, Please

This is the main opening line for every type of interview. Sometimes you may be interviewing a newbie, but the questions will still be the same since company details don’t mean just years of experience. It also consists of policies, ways of communication, creative processes and successful projects. Plus the line between professional and personal experience is thin, especially in the video production business. So:
• How Long Have You Been in the Business?
• What Project Are You Proud of the Most? Why?
• What Is the Worse Mistake You Ever Made? How Did You Cope?
• Tell Me Your Best Success Story!
• How Many People Will Be Involved in This Project?
• Explain Your Process of Creating a Video
• How Long Does It Take to Finish a Basic 15min Project?
• If I Hire You Right Now, How Will This Conversation Continue?

Portfolio, S’il Vous Plait

The reasons why you should ask for someone’s portfolio are many. First, you’ll get to see the amount of professionalism and quality put into the project. Secondly, you will see their style and authentic approach. Everyone is unique in their own way and so are production companies. Some of them may be commercial and basic, but even those have unique strengths and weaknesses. It is hard to recognize a video style based on seeing only one project, so ask for as much as you can and do not settle for demos! Also, try to ask questions about their experiences while creating the video. This way you’ll see whether the company uses justification sentences, has certain regrets or points the finger at someone else.

Their Biggest Assets

The best way to see a person’s confidence in their profession is by asking: What do you offer me that I can’t get anywhere else? Be wary that you might not always get straightforward and confident answers since some people are shy or humble and others just need a longer time getting thoughts into place. However, If the video production company is professional, they will always be ready to answer that question – it means they sat down and thought about their main selling points, greatest offers, and advantages. So, what do the best video production companies offer, besides a videographer:
• Latest equipment and technology
• Soundproof studios & Digital Animation/Effects Artists
• Flexibility & thorough communication with clients
• A network of collaborators
• Good lawyers or access to shooting locations
• Free consultations and revisions
• Creativity & Success Drive
• Advertisement packages and promotional materials

Hear their Side of the Story

The last, but not least question you should ask a video production company is: Do you have any questions for me(us)? If they do, marry them! But, if they don’t – start doubting their professionalism. Either you did an amazing job at explaining every detail of your project (highly unlikely if you don’t know anything about making videos) or they are still shocked by the length of your interview process that their minds froze and collapsed. What is my point? A video production company should always have at least 5 questions for their clients!!! Making videos isn’t easy! Here are the questions they should ask:
• What is your budget?
• What is your purpose/target group?
• What is your deadline?
• What kind of feelings do you want to induce?
• What is the desired length?
• Do you want Animation/Graphics?
• Do you want promotional materials?
• Do you want any specific locations?
• Have you chosen actors?
• Please, describe your video idea in as much detail as possible
• Can you provide us with examples: Videos, images, music…

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