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How do you Record Good Videos?

These days recording a good video is very easy! Equipment is much cheaper and there are tons of videography tutorials out there. However, you still need to make a certain checklist, filled with all the necessary things for recording a quality video. Here are some tips and equipment to make you look like a professional videographer:


When something is happening in a scene, we only put attention on the movement in front. But little do we know that the background influences our perception as well. Making sure you have a rich background is key for increasing the appeal of your video. This rule especially applies to static videos or those without much movements like YouTube podcasts or tutorials. Because in such videos viewers usually see only one person speaking, they can easily become boring. This is why the eyes need to be engaged at all times and an interesting background will surely keep their attention.

Helpful Tips

Besides taking care of the background, there are other important tips you should know about. From keeping an extra charged battery to extension cords, here is what’s recommended by the experts:
• The extra fully charged battery on the side – You don’t want to cancel shooting just because of a drained battery. Keep at least one on the side.
• Don’t immediately click stop – Sometimes the most unexpected and beautiful things happen, right after we click the stop button. If you leave a little space & time after the acting is done, it will be much easier to edit the video later on.
• Lens cleaning – Camera lenses are very vulnerable. Don’t clean them with T-shirts or god forbid newspapers. Instead, purchase a lens cleaning cloth and gently rub it on the lens.
• Extension cord – Very important since you’ll need to connect tons of cables. Remember to mark them with duct tape so people won’t trip on them. It can save you a lot of money for damaged equipment.
• Plan ahead – Improvising is great, but video making is mostly planning and organizing. For instance, if you want a sunset shot and you decide to improvise on the shooting, you won’t get your ideal shot as it takes only 10 minutes for the sun to end its setting journey. Because videography depends on outside circumstances as well, everything needs to be planned ahead and organized.

Helpful Gear

The equipment also plays a large role in the quality of a video. Unless you are going for a specific style, the video must be sharp, balanced and easy to perceive. If you have poor sound equipment or an old, scratched camera, the quality will rapidly decrease. To help you out, here is a list of helpful gear which can save you a lot of stress when editing:
• Tripod – This is a great way to stabilize your camera. Tripods are fairly cheap and are ideal for one-person shows (where you film and act at the same time).
• Microphones – Using your phone’s mic is ok, but is still dangerous since even the slightest outside noise can damage the quality. Investing in mic bugs will is highly recommended for every type of video.
• Lighting – To organize lightning for a video is very complicated. But, everybody needs it. Unless you have amazing natural light in your room, opt for additional lightning gadgets such as softbox, umbrella and ring lights.
• Camera –Even though camera quality is very important, it doesn’t make much difference when compared to the other factors. Today, there are many cameras with high quality on the market and you don’t need to buy the most expensive one to record a good video.

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