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What Skills do You Need to be A Videographer?

Who Is a Videographer?

A videographer is a person who shoots and records videos for movies, television, internet, etc. A videographer records live events and produce videos of the recorded event.

As simple as it sounds, becoming a videographer requires a lot of skills if you want to meet the standard obtainable in the market. Videography is as complex as photography: however, if you can develop the required skills, you would find yourself a place in the market.

Skills Required to be a Videographer

If you are a beginner videographer or you are looking for ways to be better at videography, here are the skills you need to be a real videographer.

  1. Creativity

You have to be creative with every shot to records imagining what the output will look like. A creative videographer thinks outside the box and captures an event in a way that the recording requires less task during post-production or editing stage.

  1. Attention to Detail

As a videographer, you should be able to understand the concept of the event you are shooting and capture every detail during the event. Do not miss important shots and be as detailed as possible.

  1. Mastery of Videography Jargon

To be a better videographer, you must have an in-depth understanding of the language and terms of videography and when to apply each of them. You should figure out when it is perfect for shooting using:

  1. Medium Shot (MS)
  2. Closed Up (CU)
  3. Long Shot (LS)
  4. Full Shot (FS)
  5. Medium Closed Up (MCU)
  6. Extreme Closed Up (ECU)
  7. Medium Wide Shot (MWS) or Medium Long Shot (MLS)
  8. Cowboy Shot (CS)
  9. Extreme Long Shot (ELS)


  1. Physical Strength

A videographer has to carry heavy equipment for a long time during an event. As a result, physical strength and stamina are required to last the duration of the event being captured. Also, your hands should be stable; else, your recording would be shaky all through. Meanwhile, you can place your camera on a tripod, but it will not always be.

  1. Perfect Understanding of Equipment

To stand out as a videographer, you should understand your equipment perfectly. Study and know how your equipment, especially a camera, performs under automatic and manual settings. Although automatic settings make recording easy, manual settings or adjustments make your recording superior. Besides, technical skills each of your equipment required under different circumstances. Master lighting techniques, natural filming, master manual shooting over digital zoom, etc.

The skills you need are not limited to the skills mentioned above. However, if you can master them, you are on your path to excellence as a videographer.

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