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What are the Stages of Video Editing?

Did you know editing videos shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming? But you’ll need to do your planning right. This means your production should be tightly scripted and post should come down to laying your footage.

Here are the 3 stages of video editing:

1. The Story Stage

This first stage includes all of the pre-production. This includes organizing assets, compiling and reviewing footage, and laying everything out to edit. So, you’re basically placing the raw story pieces together as an outline of what you’re going to be working on.

Showing raw footage to your client might not be that great because it’ll include blemishes and out of focus shots. However, showing this to your client early will save both of you time. You’ll be able to make changes early in the process rather than trying to make adjustments after you’ve done all your filler, sound, and colorwork.

2. The Rough Stage   

The second stage includes your editing skills and expertise. This is when your talent comes into play as you make your cuts and tinker with awkward shots. Anyone can learn how to put selected clips in order, but it takes years of experience to crop the exact millisecond in order to give a video that professional touch.

In addition, the rough stage is where you’ll make your decisions on which footage to use or which footage to stitch together. You’ll also begin the process of cutting out blank spaces or awkward pauses as you edit down into a tight video set to your music.

3. The Final Stage 

The third stage should be the easiest. This stage is when your video is fully signed off by the client. You can freely add in lens flares, stabilization, and color correction and grading to turn a video into a solid 10.

You’ll also be able to do a full export so you can maximize those render qualities. You don’t have to worry about cluttered hard-drives with so many large-size video versions. If you’re using Premiere Pro, you can drop down your footage to the same later to save a little on editing time.

Lastly, you can add texts, soundtracks, audio effects, and do your final audio sweep.

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