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Why You Need To Hire A Videographer For Your Next Event?

Planning and preparing an event takes a lot of time and hard work, and offers a lot of benefits in return. These include interactions with existing and potential future clients, engaging with investors and other stakeholders, meeting prospective vendors and partners, team building, brand and product introductions and awareness and many more. Why should these benefits be limited to just the interactions and conversations that happen on-site and the few that may continue after the event? In today’s content hungry marketplace, why not record the event for future use and marketing. Sure, Jill from IT has the latest smartphone with the best 4 lenses camera on the market, but for the content to have real business relevance we suggest using a professional videographer to capture the true atmosphere and emotion of your event. Here is a list of corporate events that you will need a videographer for:

1.Trade Shows

If you are investing in a booth at a trade show, you will be looking for a return on your investment. This normally comes in the form of new sales agreements, brand recognition, and a funnel of potential sales. To ensure they have the greatest opportunity to achieve this ROI most corporations send their top sales people and most knowledgeable team members to these events. This provides a great opportunity to record these individual’s interactions for both internal training purposes and external marketing purposes. New sales associates and team members can see how the most seasoned sales associates present the products, and potential clients now get to see real-life demonstrations on your corporate web site or social media.

2. New Product Launches

There are very few times for a company that is more exciting than a new product launch. The height of the excitement is felt at the new product announcement and/or launch party. A professional videographer will capture this energy and the excitement from these events and provide you with countless pieces of content for use within a variety of platforms.

3. Employee Recruitment Fares

At any multi-company recruitment fair, the number one objective for your recruiters and human resources team is to attract top talent and future potential team members. Having a recording of your team engaging with potential recruits and presenting your brand to the masses is great for future recruitment videos, posts on employment websites, and social media posts.

4. Corporately Sponsored Charity Events

Providing support to the community you serve really has a way of pulling team members together for the greater good. Capturing these moments is great for use in internal videos, team meetings, and preparing to support another initiative the following year. Playing back recordings of your team members working to do some good, even several. Months after the event is over will bring back those positive vibes and feelings for your team. Clips from the event can even be provided to the charity for their use in promoting their cause.

5. National Team Meetings

A lot goes on at national meetings, capturing that inspiring opening address by the CEO, the presentations and team building events throughout the day and the team coming together during after meeting social times can be priceless footage. A professional videographer will stay out of the way while capturing the moments, allowing your team to focus on the meetings.

There is a lot of planning and organizing that goes on prior to any corporate event, don’t allow your next trade show or national meeting be just another memory. Find us at videographerstoronto.com and have your next event professionally recorded and produced for years of future use.

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