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5 Tips For Making Your Videos Look More Professional

Capturing your own videos has come a long way since the introduction of the first personal use camcorder. Today everyone has the ability to capture videos, just by using their smartphone. No matter if you are creating content for social media use or recording a family gathering, we can all use some tips on how do you film a good video. We spoke to several professional videographers and posted their top 5 tips on making your videos look more professional below:

1. Good Lighting

Lighting is very important when making a video, not enough light and you are unable to see your subject and too much light can cause harsh shadows and dark areas around your subject. Natural light is always your best option, try filming an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset to take advantage of the soft natural light provided. If you must film during the middle of the day, try to film on a day that is overcast, the clouds will help soften up the light. Even when filming indoors, try and film in areas with lots of natural light.

2. Focus on Audio Quality

A video’s audio quality is extremely important, many people are willing to watch a video that has a lower picture quality, but not many people are willing to sit through a video with poor audio quality. Avoid using your camera’s microphone at all costs, investing in an external microphone will enhance the quality of your audio drastically and will help your video’s overall presentation.

3. Choose Your Background

Much thought should be put into choosing the background of your video. The background should enhance your message and not act as a distraction for the audience. The type of background you choose will depend on the type of video you are trying to capture. You can choose to use a real backdrop, such as an outdoor location or an office or choose a fake background such as a green screen or a white sheet. No matter what background you decide to go with, make sure the colour doesn’t blend in or clash with your subject. For example, a blue background when you are wearing a blue sweater may make it look like there is just a floating head on screen.

4. Keep the Camera Steady

Unless you are filming some sort of first-person horror film, you will want to avoid shaky footage. Even the most professional videos will look amateurish with shaky video content. It is hard for anyone to hold a camera completely still, so try to use a stand or tripod as much as possible. This will help keep your video steady and in focus.

5. Hold Your Phone The Right Way

There is nothing wrong with using your smartphone to record a good quality video, after all smartphone cameras have come a long way over the years. Just make sure you are using the back camera versus the front as it is better quality and make sure you are holding your camera in landscape (horizontally), as this will ensure your footage looks good on all size screens and not just your phone.

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