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How to Film a Promotional Video for Home Improvement Companies

Are you searching for tips to film a promo video for your business or services? Do you want to use video marketing for your business? Do not stress out; here are tips to show you how to shoot a promo video.

Video marketing is the latest marketing strategy to promote a business. All types of companies, including home improvement companies like HVAC and Gas contractors, water damage restoration companies, etc. Here are tips on how to film a promo video for home improvement companies.

As no fewer than 75% of people watch online videos, and about 88% of internet users spend more time on websites that promo videos, you can increase your customer-base by filming a promotional video for your business. 

1. Hire a Professional Videographer

Many people lose interest in a poorly made promo video after a few seconds. You want to promote your business – hire a professional videographer for the best results. The videographer has the required tools from a professional camera to lenses, tripod, lighting gear, and pro editing software. You will get the best result without wasting time.

2. Plan the Filming Process 

To create a powerful promo video for home improvement companies, you must employ story-telling skills. Appeal to your audience’s emotions by being analytical. To do this, research your audience or potential customers. Find out what the need, the questions they ask on the internet about HVAC and Gas contractors, and water damage restoration companies. All these will give you clues to tell an engaging story with your promo video. 

3. Focus on Features

You do not have all the time to tell your story. As a result, focus on the services you are providing. Tell people about the features and why your services are essential. Emphasize the benefits of your services to the audience. Tell them how your services can improve their living conditions as HVAC and Gas contractors, water damage restoration companies, and other essential services providers. 

4. Engage the Audience

Do not be boring and confuse your audience with technical terms. Use simple and easy-to-understand words. Engage your viewers by asking questions. Use music in the background but keep the volume low so that it does not compete with the voiceover. 

5. Be Brief

For a promo video to be compelling, keep it short – not longer than 3 minutes. Most people do not have the patience to watch long videos.

6. Call to Action

Conclude your video by asking the viewers to contact you on your hotlines or email address. You can also conclude by giving them a special offer that will hook them. 


A promo video is a way to reach your customers and bring in new leads. Follow the tips above and create a fantastic promo video.

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