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How To Stage Your Dental Practice For A Video Shoot?

If you decided to make a promotional video for your dental practice, great job! You are already in touch with the latest trends. However, staging a shoot is tough, especially for a dentist. Clutter, debris, and shiny countertops are the worst things you can have on a video set and a dental office has all of them!

Luckily, with using some clever trickery you can literally make your dental clinic look like a movie set. Read this useful information below to find out how:

Why Choose Video Marketing?

Advertising a business is all about following trends. And these days everything is about visual information. But, the sudden decline of cliché micro stock photos left companies in confusion, wondering what to spend their money on.

Researchers found out how 86% of modern buyers are actually looking for authenticity. That’s why genuine videos of your team will achieve much better results than a fake photo of some actors dressed as dentists.

If you still aren’t sold on promotional videos, check out these stats:

Companies that use video in their advertisements have 41% more web traffic than those who don’t.
Only 10% of consumers remember information from reading. The rest 95% are more influenced by video.
On social media, videos achieve 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
Having a video on a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%
Promotional videos increase chances for purchase in 64% of all buyers.

Light Design – The Most Important Thing

Using videography in the advertising strategy has achieved amazing results for certain businesses. Drone shots, genuine laughter, and catchy tunes leave a far greater impression on viewers than text written on a cheesy flyer.

However, drone shots won’t matter much if the rest of the video has an amateurish feel to it. And the best way to avoid poor visual quality is by adjusting your lighting. This is especially important for interior shoots such as those inside your dental practice.

A lot of people don’t know how lights dictate the video’s overall quality. For instance, you will need different light designs for rooms facing North and for those exposed to more natural sunlight.
Honestly, light design is really complicated. To find the right light for your office, you probably need to consult with professional videographers. But you can also do it yourself with just a bit of enthusiasm and artificial lighting.

Tips on the Right Lighting Scheme

A useful tip on lighting is to avoid certain mistakes such as flares, poor exposure, and harsh shadows. To determine if there is a problem with light in your clinic, do test takes before the actual shooting starts.

Don’t be afraid to purchase artificial sources such as rechargeable ring lights. These create beautiful reflections in our eyes and there are plenty of affordable options on the market.

Besides proper lighting sources, you also need to look out for reflections. This is the best way to avoid lens flares. Position your scenes far from reflective countertops and glass wall art. Also, don’t shoot right next to the window. This can result in some terrible contrasts.

If you are filming on your own, remember to always use a tripod. Camera shakes and unprofessional zooms will leave a bad impression on viewers. The background of your video is also very important, but there is more information on this below.

Carefully Choose The Props

Luckily for you, dentistry can be shown through tons of symbols. Use this to your advantage since you want to be remembered by viewers and potential clients. Carefully choose the props you will be working with.

Video making is all about the details. Avoid shooting dialogue in blank and open spaces. Instead, put some objects in the background that can be easily identifiable with your line of work. Filming details such as those of modern equipment or maybe some office interior décor will help you create video continuity.

Plus, it will show the viewers how your clinic is up to date on technological advancements. Of course, the props you chose should largely depend on the message you want to send across.

Have in mind that tons of people are actually afraid of dentists. This is where interior décor such as small office fountains might help seal the deal with viewers. After all, everybody wants tranquil and friendly environments.

Work With Backdrops

If your dental clinic is covered in clutter, avoid clearing up the office an entire week by simply purchasing an interesting backdrop. You can even order a custom one, but always choose something gentle that won’t distract the viewers to a large extent.
Position the backdrop in a way that compliments the natural light in your office. Afterward, start putting the artificial lights. Before you start adjusting lights, make sure that the background is carefully planned.

Always have something laying around in the back of the scene. Plants and decorations leave good impressions in viewers, but you can also incorporate some dentist equipment.

Whatever you choose, be cautious of creating a mess. This can be seen in tons of videos and creates an impression of unprofessionalism. Clutter in the background is a video killer. To avoid it, use minimalism as guidance and make sure that there is symmetry at all times.

How to Behave in Front of the Camera?

After you finished staging your dental practice, start focusing on yourself. In the end, it’s you and your team that matter the most. We mentioned above how modern buyers are looking for authenticity. Use this to your advantage and be yourself at all times.

Before you write the video script, look at all the positive and negative things. In the video try to highlight the best things about your practice. You can use other promotional videos as an inspiration. What do you have those dental practices don’t? What’s the thing that stands about you the most?

Confidence is really important for video presence. Try to practice before the actual shooting day starts. If you are having trouble with the scripting, don’t be afraid to consult with professional videographers. Expert insight is always needed, even in the field of video making.

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