How to Film a Home for Real Estate Listings? -
How to Film a Home for Real Estate Listings?

If you are a real estate agent or a homeowner planning to list a property for sale, you know the importance of presenting potential buyers with visuals – images and videos of the property. However, real estate video marketing has proven to be more effective than all other marketing methods, and it results in over 400 percent increase in listing inquiries. As a result, whether you are a real estate agent or custom home builders, you need a professional videographer to film the property for real estate listings and marketing purposes. Follow the tips below.

1. Hire a Professional Videographer

You might be tempted to film the property yourself because you have a smartphone with a good camera. But hiring a professional videographer is the best idea. A professional videographer has the right equipment, skills, and editing tools to ensure perfect production that will engage the audiences.

2. Emphasize the Features

Ensure that the videographer focuses on the essential details of the house, especially features that are unusual that no other home possesses. Buyers want to know every detail about the property without having to visit it personally.

To create the desired impact, bring in the items that will surprise and interest potential buyers about the house.

3. Viewer – Oriented Videos

Keep in mind that you are filming the property to meet buyers’ expectations. The video is not a Hollywood movie. As a result, the shooting techniques should not be complicated, movements should not be fast, and avoid using effects to undermine the purpose of the video and bore viewers. Also, take as many shots as possible, and from different angles for clarity and variety. As an experienced real estate agent, tailor the video to meet homebuyers’ expectations.

4. Adequate Lighting

One of the critical elements of good real estate marketing videos is proper lighting. Although the videographer you hired might come with lighting equipment, recording with natural light is the best. Throw open all windows and doors to let in the most light. Shoot the video during the day when everywhere in the house will be bright. Where necessary, use professional lighting gear without distorting the real outlook of the property.

5. Keep it Short

The same principle applies to the custom home builders and real estate agents when filming a house for listing. Keep the video short – 2 minutes is good enough to show the features of the house. Lengthy videos do not give good results.


Follow the tips above to film a house for listing. As a videographer, real estate agent, and custom home builders, the tips will help you get the best results possible.

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