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How to avoid eye strain when editing videos

As a videographer, you unavoidably put your eyes under a lot of pressure when editing videos. If you failed to follow healthy habits, you may end up straining your eyes and damage your vision. 

It is almost impossible to avoid staring at a phone screen, computer screen, and other digital devices. And the cumulative effects of this habit can cause eye strain, especially if you are are a videographer that must edit videos for several hours. 

Meanwhile, you do not have to worry, by following the tips provided in this write-up, you would be able to avoid eye strain when editing videos. Here are the tips. 

1. Visit an Optometrist

It is recommended that you visit an optometrist at least once every year for a comprehensive eye examination. You need to tell your optometrist that you are a videographer who spends several hours in front of a computer editing video. The optometrist will make recommendations regarding safe working distance for your eyes when working on a computer.

2. Use Proper  Lighting

One of the causes of eye strain is an excess bright light from outdoor via the window or excessively harsh interior lighting. During editing, make sure that the ambient light is about half-bright of what is found in other offices or rooms.

Control and reduce the light in the editing room. Shut our exterior light, use low-intensity bulbs, and reduce the number of bulbs in the room. 

3. Prevent Glare

Glare can cause eye strain. An optometrist usually warns about glare. Install an anti-glare screen on your monitor to get rid of or prevent glare. Also, wear glasses with anti-reflective coating.

4. Personalize Computer Display

Do not rely on the general computer display setting; you need to personalize it to meet your vision. Adjust your computer’s brightness, contrast, text size, etc. to what is convenient for you without feeling uncomfortable. 

5. Take a Break 

In addition to blinking regularly, you need to take a break from the editing task every 20 minutes and exercise your eyes. Look at an object about 20 feet away from your monitor for about 20 seconds. This is called the 20-20-20 rule. 

6. Use the Right Monitor 

If you work on an old-fashioned CRT monitor, replace it with an LED monitor to avoid flicker. Also, the size of the computer monitor you are working on matters – choose a large display monitor to prevent eye strain. 


The tips above offer ways you can avoid eye strain as a videographer editing videos. Also, visit your optometrist regularly for an eye exam.

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