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Why You Should Use Animated Videos

In an age of videos and social media, there are so many options to choose from to market your business or idea. One of these ways is to use animations, or animated videos. There are some major differences between live action and animated videos. Below we explore the benefits to animations and how to use them to your advantage.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use animated videos:

1. Animated videos are much cheaper than live action

You don’t need to hire actors or a camera crew, which can run thousands of dollars just for a few hours of filming. Animated videos can come in all sorts of styles, computer designed, white/chalkboard, even puppets or figures. All of these are more cost effective than live action, as they only require one or two people to construct. Depending on your budget and creativity, you can even give animations a try yourself to save expenses and put towards something else.

2 Animations also give you the ability to bring abstract ideas to life

If you wanted to show a man snorkeling with sharks, or blasting off into space, while it may sometimes be done in live action, the resources you need to get a good video doesn’t compare to a simple animated video. If your idea, product, or service involves anything that would be fairly difficult to film, animations are the way to go. They allow your imagination to run wild, and let you bend the laws of nature to show whatever you want.

3. Animated videos allow you to more easily get your message across

When using animations people tend to focus more on the message being delivered, and not how the characters or objects look like. They also strike a psychological nerve within us that reminds us of childhood or happier more fun times, which is always a positive, as you never want people to dislike anything about your video.

4. Animated videos give you the ability to change and update

The world around us is moving at a breakneck pace, and we need to able to adapt. If laws change, social stigmas and opinions differ, you have the ability to back and edit. If you shot a live action video and need to change something, its difficult to just go back and film it. With animations however, you can just edit the text or delete certain sections, it makes it much easier to change with the times. This also allows your business or idea to scale, as it will be easier to put out more animated videos in the future if you need to further explain a product or give a tutorial on it.

As you can see, animated videos are a great cost effective and flexible way of making videos. It allows small businesses like optometrist and individuals the freedom to express their message how they see fit, and does so without costing a fortune. The next time you’re thinking about making a video to market your big idea, give animations a try, it can save you both time and money and broaden your customer base.

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