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What Are the Benefits of How-To Videos?

We sure have to admit that our methods of communication have significantly changed throughout these years. The future of communication is in video making. The generations that are yet to come will be able to manipulate and understand video content in ways beyond our imagination.

A number of business are going for video when it comes to marketing and brand awareness. People are drawn to images and motion. Words are becoming the second place when it comes to means of communication.

Here are the 3 benefits of how-to videos:

1. Creating Bonds

First of all, how-to videos create stronger and more unique bonds between the subjects (customers) and objects (product or business). 73% of consumers are more likely to make purchases after watching How-To videos. Videos are a combination of all sorts of communication.

We have voices, catchy sounds, images, motion and even interesting animation. In how-to videos people get to experience you and your product to the fullest. They get to see what you represent and the results or the way a certain product can help them in accomplishing their needs.


It is similar to door to door sales. The main advantage here is that people chose whether or not they will open your video. So the aggressive part of door to door marketing and sales cannot be found in how-to videos. Do not forget that by making tutorials you help people and teach them something new. A thing like that rarely goes unappreciated.

2. Gaining appeal

As mentioned before, the future of communication is in video making. People these days get chills when they have to read a long and difficult text. More than often they decide to skip it or give up while reading. Times are moving fast and we do not have the necessary time to invest in reading explanations about products and businesses. Imagine if you had to read how to knit a sweater or fix a pipe. It would be fairly difficult without pictures and videos.

Watching how-to videos proves to be more efficient and gives higher comprehension results. How-to videos are simplified and easier to understand. Keeping up with our time is a must if you want to attract people and spread your knowledge out there. Videos are more stimulating and with them you get a broader network of potential clients. Those viewers which will be much more engaged in spending time and money if you provide them with practical, interesting and helpful content.  

3. Click-baits

People love how-to videos. Some are even addicted. A study has shown that 30% of YouTube searches are how-to videos. Videos also generate more shares on social media than any other type of content, 1200% than images and text combined; to be exact. Amazingly enough there are much less videos than text on the search engines; so Google loves videos. They have better chances popping among results; 45 times more likely than text. Beware that your videos must be SEO sufficient so that they can have good ranks on the search engines. Take care of the title, tugs, description and slugs. Use the opportunity of how-to videos as they are the most efficient click baits.

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