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Why Good Editing is Important in Video Production

Post video production is just as important as getting the right shot. Without editing, a video is simply all the shots you have recorded. Editing a video together gives it good flow, and makes it easier for the audience to understand the message you’re trying to get across.

It can also be used to add special effects and other post production techniques to enhance the experience. Below we discuss why it is important to have a good editor, and how this changes real world results.

Here are the reasons why good editing is important in video production:

1. Unnecessary & Extra Shots 

The first and foremost reason post production editing is important is to get rid of any unnecessary and extra shots. This also translates into making the video shorter, and as long as you have all the info you want in the video, the shorter the better.

Cutting the shots at the perfect time can be difficult, and having perfectly timed shots can greatly improve the flow of the video. Without flow, your target audience can get distracted or lose the message behind the video. It is important to keep your video short and concise, thus getting your point across.

2. Sync Video & Sound

The second reason editing is important is to sync the video and sound. If you’ve ever watched a movie or video where the sound was even just slightly before or after the video, it can get annoying quickly, and completely takes away from both the experience and the video.

Making sure the audio and video flow together seamlessly is important, as you don’t want your audience to even think about it. Adjusting different sounds and volumes is also important, as you don’t want the music to be overwhelming but the dialogue to be whisper quiet.

3. Special Effects

The final reason is the special effects that can be added after a video has been shot. Here, the editor has superpowers, able to change and manipulate anything in the video. This is where the professionals separate themselves, as making realistic post production changes can be extremely difficult.

The creativity of the editor also comes out, because of the fact they are able to add whatever special effect, CGI, or sound bite to the video. Anything the editor adds in this stage is just for that extra wow factor, really putting the cherry on top. As a process, editing needs to be done every time, as it gives videos tremendous value, and helps to realize the initial goal of the video and its message.

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